Best Educational Toys for 4-Year-Olds

Best Educational Toys for 4-Year-Olds

Four-year-olds are full of energy and curiosity, but sitting and listening in a classroom isn’t always the best way for them to learn. 

Learning through play is a great way for them to interact with the world and develop their emotional capacity, motor skills, and confidence while also having fun and engaging with others. 

Check out these fun educational toys for 4-year-olds that’ll give them the best start to their education!

LEGO® Classic - LEGO® Medium Creative Brick Box

LEGO® Medium Creative Brick Box

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Encourage kids to build straight from the imagination with this 484-piece set in 35 classic colors - with windows, eyes, tires, wheel rims and more for creative construction and vehicle play! 

These brick toys are also compatible with other sets - meaning kids can assemble wild and unique projects and develop their creative abilities as they do!

LEGO® City - Wildlife Rescue Off-Roader

Kids can learn about wildlife and conservation with this set that puts them in the driver’s seat of a rescue team! 

When the collapsible bridge cuts the lion off from its cub, use the off-roader’s winch to get it back in position, and keep the team – including LEGO® City Adventures TV series hero Jessica Sharpe – safe from the nearby snake with the snake grabber accessory. 

There’s loads to do and play with as young ones become junior explorers!

LEGO® NINJAGO® - Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty

Young ninjas can grow their building ability and confidence with this fun, easy-to-build set, featuring a Starter Brick that forms a partly constructed base to get things moving straight out of the box. 

4-year-olds will love exploring the ship with its foil sail, rotating boosters, a steering wheel, a detachable jet ski toy, and an anchor on a chain while fending off villain Ghost Ninja Karenn. There’s even a dragon flying about to add some fire to the action, with wings that really flap! 

Once Karenn is defeated, take him to the prison island where he can be locked away before the team sails off again.

LEGO® Friends - Horse Training and Trailer

Help 4-year-olds build emotional intelligence as they take care of two horses with LEGO® Friends Emma and Stephanie! 

There are two Starter Bricks that give youngsters a partly constructed base for the car and stables to get them off to a great start, then it’s time to feed the horse and pony before taking them out for training. There’s even a trophy for the best-in-show. 

This set is excellent for preparing young ones for taking care of animals – as well as loads of fun for horse-lovers!

LEGO City - Fire Helicopter

Fire at the hot dog stand! Kids can learn about fire risk and how heroes tackle it with this hot set featuring a set involving an overcooked hot dog thrown in with the rubbish. 

Pilot the helicopter with its spinnable rotors down to the disaster so the trained firefighter can put the fire out. Then get a snack for the road from the grateful food vendor.

LEGO City - Cement Mixer Truck

Help kids start constructing their future and building their skills with this construction vehicle! 

Featuring an opening driver’s cab and spinnable mixing drum to make it feel like the real thing, the set comes with a toy jackhammer, wheelbarrow and roadworks sign so kids can get down to work.

LEGO Friends - Pet Clinic

Introduce children to the world of animal care with this two-story animal clinic! Use the scanner to check the patients, then take the pets through to the grooming area. 

Keep cats occupied with a scratcher upstairs, or remove the top floor for easy access to the downstairs, where the cash register and instrument cabinet are available for more roleplay opportunities.

LEGO NINJAGO - Lloyd's Ninja Mech

Give Lloyd a power boost as he faces down a Boa Destructor with a long spear! Kids can build the awesome mech suit up from a Starter Brick to get into the action quickly, then equip it with dual swords so he’s ready to take down the bad guy in style. 

The set is great for encouraging 4-year-olds to start on their building abilities as they enjoy ninja play. The set comes with a spider accessory to inspire additional play ideas.

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