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LEGO Compliance Line
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The LEGO Compliance Speak-Up Line for Third Parties of the LEGO Group

If you as a Third Party to the LEGO Group believe that there has been a breach or suspected breach of any laws, the LEGO Group Responsible Business Principles, LEGO Group policies, standards, or behaviors, then you should use our LEGO Compliance Speak-Up Line. This is a confidential service provided to the LEGO Group by an independent company – NAVEX - where any Third Party of the LEGO Group can raise concerns.

What To Report

SPEAK UP on ethical concerns or suspected or actual breaches linked to business with the LEGO Group

Please report:

  • Any suspected or actual breaches of laws;
  • Any suspected or actual breaches of the LEGO Group Responsible Business Principles;
  • Any suspected or actual breaches of LEGO Group polices;
  • Any suspected or actual violations of LEGO Group standards of behavior such as harassment, bullying, victimisation & discrimination; or
  • Reasonable suspicion of violations of legal, accounting, or regulatory requirements or any questionable conduct

Customer Service queries are not handled by the LEGO Compliance Line - contact our Customer Service Team here.

No tolerance of retaliation

We want you to feel comfortable in speaking up or asking for advice. The LEGO Group does not tolerate any retaliation against anyone reporting a problem or assisting in an investigation.

Speaking up, raising a concern, and asking for help shows courage and sometimes what holds us back is a fear of the reaction of others. Any instance of retaliation against a Third Party for reporting a concern should be reported.

Please note that deliberate false accusations will not be tolerated. Further, reporting an issue will not absolve a Third Party from the consequences of their own misconduct.

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