LEGO® NINJAGO® – Where kids become the ultimate ninja

Good vs evil. Heroes vs villains. Cole vs cake. Take a spin around the worldwide NINJAGO® phenomenon that’s helped millions of kids reach their true potential!

The story so far…

In 2011, a group of young ninja began training in the martial art of Spinjitzu.

Since then, LEGO® NINJAGO® has become one of our most beloved themes ever, inspiring over 500 sets and 200 television episodes, a Hollywood movie, theme park rides, video games, and – most importantly of all – millions of dedicated ninja fans across the world.

Excitingly, 2023 saw our first-ever spin-off series – NINJAGO: Dragons Rising – which is bringing together some iconic ninja with keen new recruits…

Time to Shrine

Pssh… you think this is just your ordinary Dragon Stone Shrine?! Each NINJAGO® set has more hidden features and surprising details than you can shake a shuriken at…

All-Action Adventures

Kids like action. Ninja kids LOVE it. That’s why we’ve made action the guiding principle behind every NINJAGO® brick we place.

Explore the new NINJAGO®: Dragons Rising series

Travel deeper into the NINJAGO® universe…

Expand your adventures

Skatīt visu

Kustības Avota pūķis

Price164,99 €

Turnīra cīņas arēna

Price54,99 €

Cole titāna pūķa robots

Price114,99 €

Ninzju komandas apvienotais transportlīdzeklis

Price99,99 €
Ekskluzīvās preces

NINJAGO® pilsētas tirgus laukumi

Price369,99 €

Arin pūķa uzbrukums

Price9,99 €

Kai Uguns stihijas robots

Price32,99 €
Reti sastopams produkts

NINJAGO® pilsētas dārzi

Price349,99 €

Turnīra tempļa pilsēta

Price264,99 €
Pieejams Drīzumā

Ēnu Dojo vilka maska

Price139,99 €

Pūķēns Riyu

Price15,99 €

Sora stihijas mehāniskais robots

Price21,99 €

Jay robotu cīņas komplekts

Price9,99 €

Pūķu akmens svētnīca

Price139,99 €

Arin cīņu robots

Price15,99 €

Kai Avota pūķa cīņa

Price42,99 €

Pūķa tempļa enerģijas kodoli

Price106,99 €

Sakrustotās katanas ar futrāli

Price34,99 €

Jay Titāna robots

Price89,99 €

Kai nindzju kāpjošais robots

Price79,99 €
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