BEZMAKSAS piegāde pasūtījumiem, kuru summa pārsniedz 55 €!Uzzināt vairāk

BEZMAKSAS piegāde pasūtījumiem, kuru summa pārsniedz 55 €!Uzzināt vairāk

About | LEGO® Ninjago

A parents' Guide to the LEGO NINJAGO universe

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Fun benefits of NINJAGO®

- Kids can watch the NINJAGO television series or The LEGO NINJAGO® MOVIE and re-enact their favorite scenes and pretend they are their most loved characters.
- NINJAGO® also allows kids to step away from their screens and use their imaginations and role-play; engaging in fights against the forces of evil with some of their favorite ninjas, including Cole, Jay and Zane.
- Kids will first enjoy the building process as they carefully construct their toy, and then are able to use it to role-play some of the ninja’s most famous battles.
- NINJAGO® offers something for everybody; from the large building kits with multiple pieces to the fun of just playing with the minifigures of the team of ninjas.
- NINJAGO® promotes a host of positive concepts with the approach of these ninjas, including believing in yourself, helping others and always trying to fulfill your full potential.

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