Dovana „LEGO® Insiders“ nariams perkant prekių už ne mažiau kaip 200 €*Sužinokite daugiau

Dovana „LEGO® Insiders“ nariams perkant prekių už ne mažiau kaip 200 €*Sužinokite daugiau

The anatomy of the Tallnecks in Horizon Forbidden West™

The anatomy of the Tallnecks in Horizon Forbidden West™ (as told through LEGO® bricks)

Horizon Forbidden West™ takes place in a fictional future, a thousand years after a global cataclysm. Earth has been remade into a lush, thriving ecosystem, but with a new dominant species: the machines. These massive robots fill the lands, oceans and skies, serving the guardians and enforcers of the revived natural order.

One species of these giant, animalistic robots are the Tallnecks.

As fans of the game will know, Tallnecks resemble a giraffe in both silhouette and gait. They’re peaceful, majestic creatures that can help you navigate your way through the region.

Wouldn’t it be epic to be able to escape to your own mysterious, machine-dominated world as you build a detailed LEGO® display model of a Tallneck, one to call your very own?

Fans of Horizon Zero Dawn™ and Horizon Forbidden West can now build their very own LEGO brick model of the game’s most iconic machine. Using clever building techniques, we were able to capture authentic details of the Tallneck – from its smooth, disc-shaped head to its long slim legs. Here’s how...

A disc-shaped head

Let’s start with the Tallneck’s recognizable head.

In the game, Tallnecks serve as communication towers and send signals to other machines. You don’t need to worry about fighting these ones, but if you manage to climb onto their head, you can override them and access their data. Their heads are broad discs, with a data node on the top center that can be used as an access point for overriding.

Since Tallnecks monitor local conditions of the region, their data provides valuable information about the map to help Aloy, the game’s protagonist, explore the land.

To achieve the smooth, circular and flat structure of the Tallneck’s head, LEGO designers had to create new building techniques to replicate its disc-like shape (this was a challenge when you consider the square nature of LEGO bricks).

The head is the most complex assembly of the set – and the most fun to build.

Long neck and armored chest

LEGO Model Designer Isaac Snyder fell in love with the series of games from the very first time he played Horizon Zero Dawn.

“It’s a futuristic world full of gorgeous, strong characters, threatening machines and a rich story,” Isaac says.

A tricky part for him to recreate was the structure of the distinctive long neck. He had the tough task of capturing the complex mechanical details without compromising the strength or slim shape of the neck.

The chassis is covered by heavy armor plating, and the build includes several long antennae platforms that project from the back of their necks. The attention to detail is all there.

Long legs and strong feet

Tallnecks have strong, muscular legs for roaming the region – and to make them realistically out of LEGO bricks, you need to build them sideways to capture all the right angles and curves.

The feet have been carefully designed to make sure they look as true to life as possible while connecting seamlessly with the model’s base. The display base includes tall grass, where Aloy can hide to avoid the Watcher – we’ve really left no stone unturned.

Step into the world of Horizon

This 1,222-piece LEGO set is over 13.5 in. (34 cm) high, 9 in. (23 cm) wide and 6.5 in. (17 cm) deep, and was created in collaboration with Guerrilla, the game studio behind Horizon Forbidden West.

“Getting to team up with Guerrilla was truly remarkable. The team is incredibly passionate about the world of Horizon Forbidden West and was a huge help in ensuring we were able to create an authentic representation in LEGO form,” says Isaac.

Once built, you can display the Tallneck on a stand with brick-built Horizon Forbidden West landscape details including a birch tree and rusty stoplight with a vine wrapped around it.

The set also features a Watcher figure – with a choice of blue, yellow or red eyes – and an adorable Aloy minifigure.

Photo credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

“Thanks to our close collaboration we were able to include references to all the most iconic aspects of Horizon Forbidden West, from incredible machines to mysterious ruins, unique tribes and stunning scenery,” Isaac says.

“The Horizon fan community is so creative, and this model is dedicated to their passion and imagination.”

Don’t miss out on your chance to build your very own Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck.

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