The LEGO® MOVIE 2™ picks up five years after the first movie ended and brings back all the beloved characters from the first film. Emmet, Lucy, Batman™ and Unikitty™ are in for an even more action-packed adventure that will test the limits of Emmet’s Master Building ability and eternal positivity. Their beloved Bricksburg is in ruins after a devastating attack of the LEGO DUPLO® invaders from outer space and the very existence of play is at stake! The battle to restore harmony will take the friends to faraway, unexplored worlds in a strange galaxy… Will everything be awesome once more or will creativity fade with the passing of time? Find out what happens when imaginations collide in a story that can only be told in a LEGO universe on the big screen!


  • Emmet

    Emmet Brickowski is still the most positive, caring, super awesome guy in town, but his sunny disposition might not be tough enough for life in the new world of Apocalypseburg. He’s still wearing his classic orange construction clothes but a little worse for wear. He cares deeply for his special best friend Lucy and wants to make a life with her.

  • Lucy (Wyldstyle)

    Lucy is a strong-willed, kick-butt Master Builder. She’s a great leader and fights for what she believes in. Lucy is Emmet’s special best friend and cares for him deeply, but after the alien DUPLO® invaders destroyed Bricksburg, she’s starting to worry he’s not tough enough to survive.

  • Unikitty™

    Unikitty™ is a unicorn-cat mash-up who remains a picture of happiness and positivity – that is, until she transforms herself into her brand new alter-ego as Ultrakatty: an oversized, roaring fighting machine.

  • Batman™

    Batman™ is back as the sarcastic, confident, self-centered superhero looking to save the world while still remaining as awesome as ever.

  • Benny

    This ’70s era spaceman suffers from a cracked helmet and lack of oxygen. His first love will always be spaceships but he will do anything to help his fellow LEGO® Master Builders.

  • Metal Beard

    A fierce LEGO® Master Builder with the head of a pirate and the body of a multi-purpose utility knife.