Just when you thought it couldn’t get awesomer

Watch the first official trailer for the upcoming THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™ – in cinemas February 2019!

Remember when everything was awesome? Now get ready for even bigger, awesomer, and more action-packed adventures with Emmet and all his very best brick friends from THE LEGO® MOVIE™!

When we last saw Emmet, he was the most positive, caring, super-duper guy in Bricksburg. This time, Emmet’s eternal optimism and master-building abilities will be put to the ultimate test: The very existence of play is at stake!

Can Unikitty™ and Lucy help him stay positive? Can Benny the spaceman finally get a new helmet? Will Batman™ work in other colors than black? Will Metal Beard build new multi-purpose legs? Why are you still reading all these questions? Just watch the trailer!

Reassembling in cinemas

February 2019