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LEGO® Insiders gift with purchases of $200 or more*Learn more

Characters | LEGO® Minecraft™ figures

Meet the Characters

You’ll find a treasure trove of Minecraft™ characters among our range of LEGO® minifigures. From cute baby sheep to skeleton horsemen, these collectible toy characters are great for play and display, and make a magical Christmas or birthday gift for Minecraft fans of any age.


Minecraft is home to many stories and heroes, such as Steve. Like Alex, he is a tough explorer and a creative builder who is always on the lookout for a great adventure.


Any good story needs a hero. And Alex is just that. A creative, daredevil explorer who is always up for a new adventure.


Zombies are slow and annoying but the world just wouldn’t be the same without them. So give them a little credit and don’t be too hard on them. Just don’t let them catch you.


Endermen are mysterious beings. Possessing the ability to teleport, these mobs move around rearranging blocks according to a scheme known only to them.


Creepers are explosive and MEAN. Take a piece of advice – if you ever see one, run! Take another piece of advice – if you ever hear the sound of a burning fuse, run even faster!