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Fan Robots

Fan Robots

Explore LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 with LEGO ROBOT MAK3R STUDIO! Here we introduce you to the EV3 fan robots, cool models designed by some of our most dedicated fans from around the world!

Robot Plans by Fans

Fan Videos


Published on Aug 14. 2017

A compilation of the 10 most awesome LEGO® robots made with MINDSTORMS® parts. These fan robots can draw, fly, help you with daily chores and even allow you to speak in sign language. Meet the talented LEGONARDO, satisfy your sweet tooth with the CANDY MACHINE, travel to faraway places with the ROBOCOPTER and the INTELLIGENT TRAIN and make awesome videos with the CAMERA SLIDER. You will also spot OMNICRAWLER, 3D PRINTER, the TABLE SETTER, the ELEVATOR and the SIGN LANGUAGE ROBOT.

  • MultiCuber 999

    Check out the awesome MultiCuber 999, which currently holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest Rubik’s Cube Solved by a Robot. It solves a 9x9x9 cube in about 35 minutes!
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Rebrick Winners and the Table Setting Robot

Dave and Joe built the coolest MINDSTORMS® table setter robot and won a trip to LEGO® World in Copenhagen. What was their creative process? Here are our 2016 Rebrick champions with great tips for all fans.
  • GoPro robot by Benjamin

    LEGO® MINDSTORMS fan Benjamin has created a supercool camera robot! He made it combining a LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 TRACK3R robot with his GoPro camera. Check out this interview from World Makerfaire in New York to hear him talk about his AW3SOME creation!
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Previous Events


LEGO World 2014

Highlights from LEGO® MINDSTORMS' presence at LEGO World 2014.

LEGO MINDSTORMS® at LEGO World Copenhagen, February 2013

February 2013: LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 had its first public showing at LEGO World in Copenhagen.
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