You’ll find it all in the app

The MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor app will be the heart of your Robot Inventor experience. On this page, we’ll run through some of its most awesome and valuable features!

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an extension in the app that uses the camera or microphone on your device to identify different images such as objects or sounds such as voice commands.

NEW from August 2022

Any robot, any time, anywhere

In the app, you’ll find digital building instructions for each of the 5 core robots. Meaning kids can conveniently switch up the play whenever they feel like it.

The world of programming… a bit daunting, isn’t it?

So we included 2 code languages for all skillsets! One uses Scratch, with a simple, drag-and-drop canvas – perfect for newcomers. The second is based on Python – a popular text-based code. The 50+ training activities will give you a great grasp of both!

Total (Remote) Control

The app features a Bluetooth remote control, which lets anyone immediately control the robots with just a few taps. You can customize the remote control to make it uniquely yours… or even connect the robots to your third-party gaming console controllers!

Help Center

The app even comes with a built-in Help Center, which is frequently updated by our dedicated team and features instructional videos to help get you started with your new MINDSTORMS set. Smart, right?

Share your genius with the LEGO Life app

We’ve got a MINDSTORMS group where you can check out content and creations uploaded by our fans! Your kid can join in the fun, on the fully-moderated, safe-by-design, kid-friendly social platform: LEGO Life.

Solving every problem

From advanced building instructions to a dedicated Help section and more, the app has a bunch of resources designed to help and support anyone and everyone with any problems they might face in the wonderful world of MINDSTORMS.