Bath-time fun

Introducing bath toys from LEGO® DUPLO®

All our LEGO® DUPLO® sets help youngsters Start Off Big, and our new bath toys are no different! Through sheer joyful play, they’ll help make bath time a fun moment between you and your little one.


Keeping bath toys clean is important... but also tricky. That’s why we designed ours to be easily openable by grown-up hands for washing.

Making waves

Help toddlers have an exhilarating time at the Water Park (also known as your bathtub...)

Bath Time Fun: Floating Red Panda (10964)

Sat in their floating ring, this adorable bear will soon be a firm friend of your youngster, who can help wash them using the panda’s little bucket!

Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Train (10965)

Is your bathtub big enough to contain a duck, a polar bear and a hippo? It’ll need to be, once your little one learns to match the colors to build them!

Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island (10966)

Turn your toddler’s bath time into a tropical island adventure! Plus, when bath time’s over, all the animals store neatly together inside their island home!

Why do toddlers enjoy baths?

Read our article on why bath time is such a key part of a toddler’s development… that is, when we manage to get them in there in the first place…!

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