Passion for Stuntz – LEGO® City

LEGO® City Stuntz: Stunt cars and bikes

Gravity is overrated. Daring jumps through fire rings on a stunt motorcycle are most definitely not. Discover our fun range of flywheel-powered stunt bikes that’ll send your kids’ minifigures flying!

Meet the Stunters

Watch our fun video to discover how our adrenaline-seeking citizens are inspiring kids to push the limits of what’s possible in LEGO® City!

Why just stunt bikes?

Last Chance
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Double Loop Stunt Arena

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No batteries, no breaks

Our innovative flywheel technology makes these the best stunt bike toys for kids who never want their flips, tricks, spills and stories to end.

A course for all

We provide the inspiration; your kid does the rest. It’s what you call a perfect creative partnership.

Team Thrills

Kids know as well as anyone that tricks this awesome can’t be kept secret… Our highly collectible stunt toys make it easy for them to share the fun with friends.

Expect the unexpected

We turned the fun up to 11 when designing our stunt rider characters, to delight kids and inspire their stories.
Stuck on which stunt to pull next?
Our Random Stuntz Generator can help you out!
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