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The Beatles (31198)All you need is love. And music and art are both expressions of love. Let your passions come together right now to create your own tribute to a trailblazing piece of music history with portraits from one of The Beatles’ most memorable albums, The Beatles, aka ‘The White Album’.

Listen – Build – Relax

Emulate the vibes of the transcendental meditation retreat that inspired The Beatles to write ‘The White Album’. Tap into your creativity, surrender to the moment and build at your own pace, tile by tile. Like a favorite song that energizes you, this 2D building experience can be replayed over and over again.
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Unique SoundtrackTravel back in time to the swinging sixties as you build and listen to the immersive soundtrack full of rare recordings, musings and discussions about the songs, and insights from LEGO designers Kitt Kossman and Christopher Stamp. Note: Soundtrack only available in English.



Download the transcript here

1 Picture, 4 Options

Build your favorite band member’s portrait or change it as many times as you like. Two new elements – a LEGO® brick separator with improved functionality and a hook – make rebuilding your artwork easy when you want to refresh and update your display.

A Tribute To The Fab Four

Who could have predicted the impact four young guys from Liverpool, England have had? The influence of The Beatles is hard to overstate: their experimental films, their ever-changing fashion, political engagement, and even their hairstyles transformed not only music but generations to come. They’re not only part of music history, they’re part of world history.

“And if you want some fun – take Obladi Oblada”

It’s entirely allowed – encouraged, actually – that you sing along to the Soundtrack while you build. Awaken your inner rock & roll star and loosen your vocal cords and creative skills.
John, Paul, Ringo, George – who’s your favorite member of The Beatles? With more than 3,000 bricks, you can create your own exclusive fan art for your wall or shelf. Two new elements – a LEGO® brick separator with improved functionality and a hook – make rebuilding and displaying easier.
Note: Pictured models cannot be built simultaneously. You can buy more sets to build all four options.

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