LEGO® Art The Rolling Stones
Recreate the iconic Rolling Stones logoShare your favorite memories of The Rolling Stones as you build a dimensional representation of the band’s famous tongue logo to display in your home or office. Enter a zone of enhanced relaxation as you create a true passion piece that reflects both a love of music and creativity, but also admiration of an iconic group of musicians who have been rocking the world for 60 years. Finish your creation and display it with pride on a wall. This makes a unique DIY art project for yourself or another music fan.

Listen – Build – Relax

Relax with the Soundtrack and enjoy the joyful focus it encourages as you explore your creative process. With nearly an hour of tailor-made content, you can dive deep into the building project while learning unique details about the inspiration behind the logo and the artist who created it, through an exclusive interview, as well as other details and stories.
Embrace a zone of creative zen. Welcome to the Soundtrack. thumbnail
Embrace a zone of creative zen. Welcome to the Soundtrack.The Soundtrack allows you to immerse yourself in the creative experience, with stories and exciting details relating to the creation of The Rolling Stones’ iconic logo. It’s curated to complement the set and enhance a creator’s connection to the artwork while they enjoy their zone of zen.



Download the transcript here

Celebrate something truly special

As you create the organically-shaped, dimensional art piece of the iconic Rolling Stones logo, you will discover a surprise hidden within the build to help celebrate a milestone – The Rolling Stones’ 60th anniversary! The tribute is designed to fit within the organic shape, visible as you build, hidden until you choose to show it off. Happy building!

Immerse yourself in rock & roll and art

Besides the coffee-table-quality book included in the box, you can download the building instructions online. The instructions are both thorough and inspiring, and they look great as you click through them. Relive favorite memories and enjoy photos and details of the band and the creation of the iconic logo as you are building satisfaction.

Read the article on the iconic tongue logo

Designer John Pasche discusses the inspiration behind the iconic Rolling Stones tongue logo in an exclusive article. From its connection to a Hindu goddess to a cheeky symbol of a “… new anti-establishment era in music…”, the logo is instantly recognizable. Read about the designer’s reaction to the set’s creation as well, and his pleasure in how his work has stood the test of time.
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