Discover the new LEGO® Art Modern Art set

Discover the gorgeous LEGO® Art Modern Art

Artist, meet your canvas. A strikingly unique LEGO® Art set to build and rebuild. A display of creativity to make your wall pop. Welcome to your brick period.

An original You

Unleash your inner Cubist, or keep it surreal. Rebuild the rules of art and craft your own masterpiece. Your creativity has no bad angles.

A pop of wow for your wall

Hang it and display it with the included wall attachment. Landscape, portrait... tilted? We love it. It’s not crooked – it’s art #brickism

Download your inspiration

Jump-start your creativity with an alternative building instruction. Build as-is or change it around. Your art, your rules.

See what others are creating

How to make your own abstract art

Master the rules of art-making, then break them like the pros.

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