LEGO® Art | Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse wall art set!
Disney’s Mickey Mouse (31202)Mickey Mouse is the ultimate definition of an icon. His influence on popular culture is matched perhaps only by his beloved Minnie Mouse. Luckily for us, both of these pocket-sized superstars can be recreated in this most-definitely-not-pocket-sized, 2,658-piece wall-art set!

Listen – Build – Relax

Immerse yourself in the magic of Disney, with our unique accompanying Soundtrack! Filled with fun facts, interesting stories and expert voices, the podcast will guide you as you take some time for yourself to build and rediscover the wonder you first felt as a child.
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Unique Soundtrack"Plug in your headphones, and step into the magical world of Disney as you complete this relaxing build experience.   Note: Soundtrack only available in English. "



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1 Picture, 2 Options

Choose between Mickey Mouse or Minnie and get building with the intuitive instructions and accompanying Soundtrack! Two new elements – a LEGO® brick separator with improved functionality and a hook – make rebuilding your artwork easy when you want to refresh and update your display.

Inspiration gallery

Have a look at these amazing rebuilds made by our talented designer Kitt Grace Kossmann and get some inspiration on how to keep transforming your LEGO® Art set.

Collect and Combine 2 sets

Collecting 2 sets will allow you to create a unique, united work of art featuring both Mickey and Minnie Mouse together, each on their own background. (It’ll also ease any lingering household tensions as to which Mouse to pick… just saying…)

Mickey and Minnie: A Brief history

The official debut of Mickey and Minnie Mouse actually came in the same short film – Steamboat Willie (1928). It was seen as a huge leap forward in film and won Disney international acclaim. It wasn’t until The Karnival Kid (1929) that Mickey spoke his first words: “Hot dogs”. As good as any, we think.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse were not an ‘item’ from the start (although not for the want of Mickey trying!) But gradually, over the course of the 1930s, their on-screen relationship blossomed into the loving couple we see today.

“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing: it was all started by a mouse”

These were the words of Walt Disney himself, on the cusp of the opening of the first Disneyland Theme Park in the 1950s. As his company grew into the cultural behemoth it is today, he liked to remind himself and others of Disney’s rather humble origins. And we quite like that too.

I need this

At over 2,600 pieces, this Disney artwork is one of the most advanced in our collection. Celebrate Hollywood’s original power couple today with LEGO® Art | Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse wall art set!

Note: Pictured models cannot be built simultaneously.

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