Celebrate the King of Rock & Roll with LEGO® ArtSlip on your blue suede shoes and kick back with a true passion project. Got a love for music? Show it off and celebrate your admiration of the iconic Elvis Presley with a handmade portrait you can display, reflecting a particular era of his career, or change it to a different one any time. The choice is yours!

For your smart device library or coffee table

Download a digital copy of the building instructions or open an illustrated guide to a unique project. Online interactive or coffee-table quality, the instructions are there to help, including a deep dive into the multi-talented icon that is Elvis Presley before you begin building. Whether a LEGO® aficionado or your first time, the building instructions will help you achieve a masterpiece.
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Unique SoundtrackHop in your Cadillac and head down south to Graceland while you listen to the Soundtrack, curated with unique details and music to highlight the iconic musician and his work through the years.



Download the transcript here

1 Picture, 3 Options

Choose an era of Elvis Presley’s career and create a portrait, or change it up whenever you like. Finish it with a signature tile and display.

Pay tribute to the King of Rock & Roll

Create one of three portraits of the iconic entertainer with this LEGO® Art set. Choose his start in music, the young, shy singer breaking onto the scene, in his prime, with hit after hit and hordes of screaming fans, or later in his career, headlining in Las Vegas and making fans swoon with every note. Or collect three sets and create the ultimate portrait of Elvis Presley.

Collect and Combine 3 Sets

Collect more sets to build and display all 3 portraits or use the tiles to build the triple-size, unique Ultimate Build. You can download the free building instructions for your Ultimate Build here.

Listen – Build – Relax

Sort the tiles, plug in your headphones and put them on, then tune into the Soundtrack, curated with music and details to immerse you fully in the project as you build. As you create at your own speed, watch an incredibly detailed portrait come alive, tile by tile and enjoy the masterpiece you’ve made.
Ready to create your own iconic tribute? With over 3,400 tiles, you can start, or expand, your creative journey. Note: Only one portrait can be made at a time.
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