LEGO® Art | Batman™
Recreate Jim Lee’s Batman™ Comic Book ArtShare your passion for super heroes, Super-Villains and comic-book art with this LEGO® Art set. Enter a zone of relaxation as you make 1 of 3 exclusive portraits reflecting Jim Lee’s work. Choose Batman™, The Joker™ or Harley Quinn™, whichever portrait you create will be iconic. Want a fresh challenge? Use multiple sets and make 1 of 2 ultimate pieces. Finish your creation and display it proudly. Makes an impressive and unique project for yourself or another comic book fan.

Listen – Build – Relax

Settle in with the Soundtrack and enjoy the joyful focus it helps foster as you explore your creative process. With almost an hour of tailor-made content, you can fully immerse yourself in the building project and learn unique details about Jim Lee and his career over the years through an exclusive interview.
Welcome to your zone of zen. Welcome to the Soundtrack. thumbnail
Welcome to your zone of zen. Welcome to the Soundtrack.The Soundtrack offers adults something to immerse them in the building experience, with stories and never-before heard details about the world of comic book art, Batman™ and Jim Lee. T It’s curated to complement the set and enhance a builder’s connection to the artwork while they find their zone of zen.



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1 Picture, 3 Options

Part of the joy of this set is the different portraits that can be created. Do you believe in justice? Create a picture of the brooding Batman™ as he studies the city before him. Do you prefer the unexpected thrill that chaos offers? Craft a picture of the iconic Joker™ or the wholly unique Harley Quinn™. The choice is yours. Each of the portraits reflects Jim Lee’s incredible comic-book style and use of lines and color.

Collect and combine 2 sets

Use 2 sets and create an ultimate portrait of Batman™ and Catwoman™ against the backdrop of GOTHAM CITY™.

Collect and combine 3 sets

Want a bigger challenge? Collect 3 sets and assemble an incredible homage to The Dark Knight™ himself, Batman™, showing off one of his unique crime-fighting tools.

Dive into the world of DC and Jim Lee

Besides the coffee-table-quality book included in the box, you can download the building instructions online. The instructions are both thorough and inspiring, and they look great as you click through them. Relive favorite memories and enjoy sketches and photos of Jim Lee’s work as you spend challenging and rewarding hours working on the set.

Read the entertaining article on Jim Lee

Legendary comic book artist Jim Lee talks about life, work and the latest LEGO® Art Jim Lee Batman™ Collection in an exclusive article.
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