Say hello to your next big get-together

LEGO® Art – Art Project – Create Together (21226)
Bring family and friends together for a fabulously fun arts and crafts experience they’ll never forget! With this innovative LEGO Art set, everyone can pay tribute to their own individual interests (from basketballs, to dinosaurs, to… cake…) before arranging them into a stunning mosaic that makes for a truly personalized display piece!

Pick from 36(!) image options

(And that’s still only the images that come in the building instructions…) The paneling system lets you divvy out the 9 tiles between your arts and craft-ers, meaning there’s space for every passion and personality. Does Dad like fluffy things? We’ve got puppies. Your kids like pizza? We’ve got the pepperoni. Do you love Love? Have a rainbow. Boom!

DIY: Do It Yourselves

This build is a fun and social DIY project for all the family – or for any group of friends. Bring all your individuality together into one combined image, then build your very own picture frame to surround it! Then get your toolkit out and pop it on the wall with minimal fuss, using the two included unique hanging elements.

2 ways to display

A combined mosaic or the iconic spaceman minifigure portrait. What will you choose first?

Huge set, huge possibilities!

How many pieces?! There are 4,138 LEGO® elements in this set to fuel your love of arts and crafts, giving you the chance to build whatever you can imagine… and then to rebuild it into something completely different.

A beautiful way to build

Dive into building instructions that are as thorough as they are inspiring… plus they look pretty, too! We’ve made them especially to ensure it’s just as easy for kids to get inspired by them, as it is for adults.

The Final Product

After you’ve completed your mosaic masterpiece with your family and friends, display and enjoy a truly personal moment of creativity shared with your loved ones... The trickiest part now is choosing whose room to hang the finished piece in...

Can’t get enough of Arts and Crafts?

We hear you. All that creating and rebuilding and color and imagination… yeah, it’s kind of our thing. That’s why we’ve got an entire page, dedicated to the wonderful, creative world of Arts and Crafts, featuring sets tailor-made for all the artistic types in your life!