LEGO® Plant Sets

LEGO® Plant Sets

From cacti to bonsai, sink your thumbs into a fresh creative way to make your indoor spaces pop.

Growing the green range

Arid, tropical or carnivorous? Are you #TeamTinyPlants or a #BonsaiBoss? We’ve got a sprawling gift range that works just as well for the plant lovers in your life... and those with a spottier track record in keeping plants alive.

Got plants for the weekend?

Cozy it up with a succulent building session to share. Nine plants, four hands, one wonderful, mindful set.

These orchids tell a tale

There are flowers, and then there are orchids – positively blooming with backstory. Get the popcorn.

Your creativity shines, naturally

It’s your world, and these are your plants to display your way. The creative possibilities are evergreen.
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