Welcome to the A-Z of Awesome

This is the A-Z of Awesome, a colorful alphabet of identities built from LEGO® bricks, created by our incredible LGBTQIA+ fans!

Check out the rest of the alphabet on our LEGO® Pinterest page and discover the personal stories that inspired the brilliant builds...

Meet and Greet

Get to know some of the creators who have already built letters for the A-Z.

Get to know… Hope!

Hope has dedicated her life to supporting young LGBTQIA+ folks of color, and her excellent build pays tribute to those themes of intersectionality.

Get to know… the GayFOLS!

Jeannie, Grant, and founder Bruce discuss the importance of the (spectacularly titled) GayFOL community!

Get to know… Pidgeon!

When Pidgeon first learned they were intersex, they didn’t even know what it meant! Find out what they learned on their journey to self-discovery.

“Sooo… you’re celebrating… anything else?”

Absolutely! Our commitment to the community doesn’t stop here. This year we’ll be making a donation to our LGBTQIA+ charity partners.