The Ice Castle


Retired Product

Building Instructions

Action-packed ice castle for Minecraft® gamers

Put all the creativity, action and reconfigurable fun of the Minecraft® game into kids’ hands with this spectacular set.

Endless hands-on adventures

Players join missions in and around the ice castle, repelling hostile mobs with a flick-fire arrow launcher.

The Ice Castle

Defend your ice castle

Prepare for battle against attacking skeletons and zombies.

Send arrows flying

Flick the launcher to fire arrows into the air.

Mix potions in the cauldron

After a battle, brew healing potions in the cauldron.

What’s in the treasure chest?

Grab supplies from the chest ready for the next attack!

Reconfigure for new adventures

Customize your Minecraft® playset for even more missions.

Familiar Minecraft® characters

Includes a Royal Warrior, yeti, 2 skeletons and 2 zombies.

Great gift for Minecraft® players

Bring kids’ passion for the Minecraft® video game into the real world with this hands-on LEGO® Minecraft playset.
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