The Abandoned Village


Retired Product

Building Instructions

Hands-on Minecraft® action in a zombie village

Minecraft® players will need all their skills as they explore an iconic setting packed with creative play possibilities.

Battle-and-build action for Minecraft® players

Kids must reclaim a creepy village from zombies, then rebuild it in their personal style ready for more Minecraft® adventures.

The Abandoned Village

Build the zombie hunter’s home

Add a bed, oven, crafting table, torches and archery target.

Clash at the blast furnace

The zombie villager is busy making diamond armor.

Take over the farm

Check out the zombie farmer’s pumpkin patch.

Capture the abandoned house

Watch out for the cobwebs, barrels and black cat.

Rebuild the village

Mix buildings and accessories to create your own village.

Build a campfire

Plan your next adventure as you rest by the fire.

Great gift for Minecraft® players

This multi-section playset is filled with Minecraft® features to inspire endless creative adventures.
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