Series 26 Space 6 Pack


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Limit 3
Toy contains small parts and a small ball. Not for children under 3 years.

This LEGO® gift for boys and girls aged 5+ comes with lots of space toys for instant fun. The LEGO Minifigures Series 26 Space 6 Pack (66764) contains a random selection of 6 collectible figures from the original Series 26 Space (71046) range, and there are 12 in total for kids to collect, display or inspire exciting role-play.

The 12 collectible space toys in this series each come with an authentic accessory. The minifigures are: Blacktron Mutant, Ice Planet Explorer, Imposter, Robot Butler, Alien Beetlezoid, Retro Space Heroine, Nurse Android, Flying Saucer Costume Fan, M-Tron Powerlifter, Alien Tourist, Orion and Spacewalking Astronaut.

A LEGO Minifigures Series 26 Space 6 Pack makes a fun gift for kids who deserve a treat. Each Multi Pack of toys comes with a building guide to ensure each character can be quickly assembled. This set of collectible toys is a great opportunity for kids to enjoy hours of independent play or fun with friends as they play out exciting adventures in space.

  • Collectible space figures – Each LEGO® Minifigures Series 26 Space 6 Pack contains a selection of 6 space toys for kids, boys and girls aged 5 and up to collect, display or role-play space adventures
  • 12 space characters to collect – Each Multi Pack of toys could include Blacktron Mutant, M-Tron Powerlifter, Robot Butler, Nurse Android, Flying Saucer Costume Fan or Spacewalking Astronaut
  • Authentic accessories – Each collectible figure comes with at least 1 accessory, including Ice Planet Explorer with a penguin, Alien Tourist with a camera and Alien Beetlezoid with berries
  • Role-play toys – This limited-edition 6 pack of LEGO® collectible space minifigures lets creative kids aged 5 and up play out exciting adventures up amongst the stars
  • Gift for LEGO® fans – Each pack of toys contains 6 space minifigures and can be given to both collectors and kids who have earned a surprise treat
  • Hours of LEGO® playtime – Space toys give kids lots of inspiration to spark endless make-believe action
Series 26 Space 6 Pack
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