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Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship4.6255.
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The high seas are calling! Swashbuckling adventures await pirate fans in the LEGO® Creator 3in1 Pirate Ship (31109) toy. This awesome, detailed set features a pirate ship with moving sails, cannons and a cabin with opening roof and sides, 3 minifigures, buildable figures including a shark and a parrot, plus lots of other brick-built details and cool accessories to jump-start play.

Freedom to create and imagine
At least 3 different build-and-play experiences are possible with this LEGO Creator 3in1 toy set. Kids can build a Pirate Ship, then rebuild it into the Pirates’ Inn or a creepy Skull Island. Or they can let their creativity loose and design something new.

Endless play possibilities await
LEGO Creator 3in1 sets offer kids different models that are realistic and encourage imaginative play. The models give endless building and play opportunities while helping to spark creativity in children of all ages. The awesome toy sets also make great Christmas gifts or birthday presents for kids.

  • LEGO® Creator 3in1’s Pirate Ship (31109) set encourages kids’ creative play, featuring 3 models in 1: A classic Pirate Ship, rustic Pirates’ Inn and mysterious Skull Island. Building and rebuilding keeps the play going.
  • An open bounty of opportunities! Kids can stretch their building and creativity skills with the super-detailed Pirate Ship toy, visit the Pirates' Inn for a bite, explore Skull Island or create a totally new model.
  • This set gives 3 options for building: A LEGO® Creator 3in1 Pirate Ship (31109), Pirates’ Inn or Skull Island, to play with solo or combine with other sets. The set also has 3 minifigures for extra play possibilities.
  • Any fan of creative play and building will love this awesome set. The realistic Pirate Ship, Pirates' Inn and Skull Island models work as a great Christmas, birthday or holiday gift for boys and girls aged 9+.
  • The high seas are calling! The pirate ship measures over 14” (37cm) high, 18” (46cm) long and 7” (19cm) wide, meaning thisthrilling toy is full of awesome details and big enough for serious solo and group play fun.
  • Powered by a child’s imagination for hours of endless fun! Battery-free toys help boost kids’ independent play and problem-solving skills and give them the joy of coming up with new stories all on their own.
  • Open the box and the play begins with building and rebuilding any 1 of the 3 model toys. Clear, easy-to-follow instructions help make assembly a snap for kids, leading to joy in construction and loads of creative fun.
  • Give children endless opportunities to develop their building skills as they play with LEGO® Creator 3in1 sets. This awesome pirate ship playset lets kids grow their imagination with lots of building opportunities.
  • LEGO® building bricks meet the highest industry standards to ensure they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart easily every time – it's been that way since 1958.
  • LEGO® bricks and pieces are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to make sure every kid’s building set meets the highest global safety and quality standards.
Building Instructions
Pirate Ship
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Overall RatingAverage rating4.6out of 5 stars
(17 Reviews)
94% would recommend this product.


Overall Experience

Play ExperienceAverage rating4.9out of 5 stars
Level of DifficultyAverage rating3.5out of 5 stars
Value for MoneyAverage rating4.8out of 5 stars
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  • June 7th, 2020
    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    Yo Ho Ho
    | 35-44
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    Purchased for: Self
    I can't say how much I appreciate Lego bringing out so many Pirate based builds this year. As I was building these it took me back to my childhood wanting big Lego sets but not being able to afford it, and just having fun playing with the basic pirate mini-figs and letting my imagination do the rest. The three builds were really enjoyable with enough different techniques and variations that made each one unique. The Pirate ship was the most straight forward as it went through in bag order using most of the parts. The pub was a little less organised with parts spread across every bag, so basically just dump it all out and go searching. Skull island was about in the middle. The ship is very cool with a lot of fun playable features for kids, the gang plank into the sharks mouth especially had my mini-figs dreading going overboard. Skull Island mouth opening to the treasure cave was a very cool touch and a half-turn keeps it open so your mini-figs can either find the treasure or store their ill gotten gains. All in I would say these three sets have been the most fun builds I've done in a while and in terms of display, I'm super happy as they go along with my Pirates of Barracuda Bay set perfectly. The photo's show the 3 sets and I've started to do some detail work (some using the extra parts from sets), I especially love the switchable face on the striped shirt pirate as the fearful look lets you have a lot of fun (as you can see from the shark photo).
    Play ExperienceAverage rating5out of 5 stars
    Level of DifficultyAverage rating2out of 5 stars
    Value for MoneyAverage rating5out of 5 stars
    Build Time: 2 hrs 30 mins
    Building Experience: Advanced LEGO builder
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    55Pirate Ship
  • June 11th, 2020
    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    Shiver me timbers! I’ve found the treasure
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    Purchased for: Self
    I don’t know where to start! This is the first LEGO kit I’ve purchased for myself. After my own 4yr old has gotten into LEGO big time over the last 6 months and playing with him and building some of the kits, it reignited the same passion I had growing up when I played with LEGO. Having always wanted a pirate ship as a kid but my folks unable to afford them at the time I thought why not buy myself one now! This build was fantastic and the amount of pieces for the price was excellent. The finished ship is not small at all and really has presence! The built up sails look really good and I thought the shark is also really well done. Lots of other little gems like swords and guns, treasure and canons and even a skeleton crew member. I’m waiting for the Ideas Barracuda set to come back into stock and I’ll be adding it to my fleet too! Haven’t built the other two builds as the ship looks to nice to pull apart.
    Play ExperienceAverage rating5out of 5 stars
    Value for MoneyAverage rating5out of 5 stars
    Build Time: 3 hrs
    Building Experience: Intermediate LEGO builder
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    55Pirate Ship
  • September 2nd, 2020
    Average rating3out of 5 stars
    3.5 / 5 very beautiful but could have been better
    | 25-34
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    Purchased for: Self
    In term of color, this is, and by far, the most beautiful pirate ship ever made by LEGO. A great size for the price. I thought I was going to be disappointed by the sails made of brick, but in fact, I find these very cool looking. But the set is not perfect, for there are 3 negative points. First, the center plaques of the bottom of the ship are dark tan (??????), which swears a lot with the rest of the ship color, which is brown (see attached file). Second negative point, the ship looks a bit too chubby. A few centimeters added to the overall length would have been a lot better for the ship silhouette. And third, the siren on the front of the ship is absolutely horrible lol. I will definitely modify it, or just litteraly remove it and make a better one on my own. In summary, I give this set a score of 3.5 out of 5.
    Play ExperienceAverage rating4out of 5 stars
    Value for MoneyAverage rating4out of 5 stars
    Building Experience: Expert LEGO builder
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    35Pirate Ship
  • September 9th, 2020
    Average rating5out of 5 stars
    A piece of art
    | 14-18
    I would recommend this to a friend!
    Purchased for: Son
    This LEGO is amazing the flags are very cool it was very hard to build l love it it a true piece of art
    Play ExperienceAverage rating5out of 5 stars
    Level of DifficultyAverage rating4out of 5 stars
    Value for MoneyAverage rating5out of 5 stars
    Build Time: 12 days 3 hrs 9 mins
    Building Experience: Advanced LEGO builder
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    55Pirate Ship