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NINJAGO® City Gardens


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Limit 5
Building Instructions

Celebrate 10 years of legendary action with the largest NINJAGO® set ever.

Uncover a world of details for NINJAGO® fans

Uncover a world of details for NINJAGO® fans

The Ninja Zone

Master the art of Spinjitsu and defend the city.

NINJAGO® Museum of History

Display cases and portraits let you revisit the legends.

Ice Cream Shop

Chill out with a treat at the ‘Ice Planet’.

Chen's Noodle House

Join Cole for the best noodles in NINJAGO®.

Hidden surprises

Explore details only true NINJAGO® fans would appreciate.

NINJAGO® Fan Apartment

Celebrate past sets and get a look at future sets, too.

  • Ten years of NINJAGO® 2011-2021

    Relive all the excitement and thrills of 10 years of NINJAGO® with this three-tiered model.
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