Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon


Retired Product

Building Instructions

Incredible 4-headed dragon NINJAGO® playset

Ninja fans can build a dragon with 4 heads from the NINJAGO®: Crystallized TV series to enjoy great role-play action.

Swooping and soaring dragon action

Kids can recreate their favorite scenes from the NINJAGO®: Crystallized TV series with this highly posable dragon model.

Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon

Highly posable dragon

Movable legs and tail with wings that become golden blades.

Armed and ready!

The ninja characters all come with their elemental weapons.

9 minifigures for role play

5 ninja, including Golden Oni Lloyd, and 4 villains.

Great gift for ninja fans

Impressive playset makes a fantastic gift for kids aged 9 and up to proudly display in between fun-filled playtimes.
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