Exotic Pink Parrot

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Building Instructions

3 exotic and colorful animals in 1 set

This LEGO® playset lets kids step into a rainforest to play with a pink parrot, then rebuild it into a swimming fish or a colorful frog.

Exciting rainforest adventures

This colorful LEGO® playset lets kids develop their building and storytelling skills with 3 posable exotic animals.

LEGO® Creator Exotic Pink Parrot

Posable Pink Parrot

Bird can rotate on its perch and move its wings and tail.

Swimming fish

Swimming fish can lift its fins and be moved up and down.

Leaping fun

Colorful frog has posable legs.

Fun LEGO® build before role-play action begins

Kids can experience a rewarding build before enjoying endless play possibilities with the 3 posable exotic animals.

Enjoy a fun digital experience

Little builders can save their progress, zoom in and rotate their models in 3D with the LEGO® Builder app.
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