Disney Princess Market Adventure


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Limit 5
Building Instructions

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Buildable toy for Disney Princess fans

Meet a child’s passion for iconic Disney Princess characters and storytelling with a detailed LEGO® ǀ Disney building playset.

Unlimited options for creative, fun adventures

4 buildings with lots of details, 4 LEGO® ǀ Disney mini-doll figures and a small fountain buildable toy to kick-start play.

LEGO® ǀ Disney Princess: Disney Princess Market Adventure

4 Disney Princess characters

With Tiana, Aurora, Cinderella and Ariel for role-play fun.

Restaurant storage space

Tiana’s restaurant has storage space on top for the rings.

Treasure chest surprise

Open the chest on the treasure shop to see what’s inside.

Sew a new dress for the ball

Kids can pretend to sew on the machine in the tailor shop.

Collectible rings

Includes 2 wearable rings with 4 changeable decorations.

Expand the play endlessly

Other building kits (sold separately) can add to the fun.

Fun Disney Princess gift for play and display

Once play is done for the day, kids can set up the 4 buildings, 4 characters and 2 smaller builds in an ever-changing display.
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