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Daily Bugle


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Toy contains small parts and a small ball. Not for children under 3 years.
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Capturing the Spider-Man legacy

The new Daily Bugle features storylines true comic fans will know, from the Sinister Six to the Spider-verse and beyond.

Four stories of web-slinging fun

Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin

Detachable façades feature sizzling comic-book action.

Revisit classic match ups

Mix and match characters for epic action sequences

Create your own stories

Watch Daredevil and Sandman fight over Aunt May’s waffles.

Business as usual

Recreate the offices of Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson.

Tales from the Spiderverse

A library of Daily Bugle headlines brings classic stories to life.

Endless action under one roof

Featuring the iconic water tower seen in so many Marvel comics.

  • Tall tales

    The towering new Daily Bugle is the largest LEGO® set in the Marvel universe (so far!)
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