Car Transporter


Retired Product

Building Instructions

Car transportation replica model

Construct a highly detaild Car Trasporter with authentic features and functions for hours of play and design exploration.

Multifunctional Car Transporter

Includes a truck with lots of realistic functions such as adjustable decks, plus a detailed car model for transporting.

LEGO Technic Car Transporter

An educational play experience

Familiarizes LEGO builders with the basics of engineering.

Tilting driver's cab

Tilt the driver's cab to view the transporter's V6 engine.

Detailed engine

The included car features a detailed V8 piston engine.

Authentic functions

Decks raise and lower for seamless loading and unloading.

Safety on all decks

Features vehicle locks on all decks for safe transportation.

2-in-1 model

Rebuilds into this LEGO Technic Truck and Show Cars model.

A rewarding building experience

LEGO builders learn basic engineering principles as they construct this super-realistic LEGO Technic replica model.
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