Betrayal at Cloud City™

Star Wars™Star Wars™

Retired Product

Building Instructions

Build your own Cloud City!

Recreate your favorite scenes from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back!

There’s action and danger in Cloud City!

Revisit a famous chapter in the Star Wars saga in this exciting set.

LEGO Star Wars Betrayal At Cloud City

Dining with Vader!

What is the Dark Lord’s sinister plan?

A frozen fate!

Can Leia and Chewbacca save Han from the carbonite chamber?

Luke vs. Vader!

It’s the ultimate battle on the sensor balcony!

Beware Slave I!

Boba Fett is on his way to Bespin in his formidable ship.

Friend or foe?

Will Lando Calrissian help the heroes … or betray them?

Patrol in your Twin-Pod Cloud Car!

Keep the skies around Cloud City safe.

Includes 19 minifigures!

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