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Back to the Future Time Machine

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Small parts.
Building Instructions

Go "Back to the Future" like never before with a detailed new LEGO® set

Details from the Flux Capacitor to Mr. Fusion

1.21 gigawatts of power

Add a touch of magic with the Flux Capacitor light brick.

Travel in style

Open the gull wing doors to view the printed dashboard dates.

Time-traveling duo

Includes Dr. Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown and Marty McFly minifigures.

The original time machine

Equip the lightning rod and plutonium chamber from the first film.

The future is here

Add Mr. Fusion and fold-down hover conversion tires from Part II.

Back to the Ol’ West

Put on whitewall tires and hood-mounted circuit board from Part III.

  • Are you telling me you built a time machine?

    From one of the most beloved film franchises, this is a fantastic build for fans.
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