Attack on New Asgard


Retired Product

Building Instructions

A monster treat for Thor fans

Marvel fans join Thor and Mighty Thor as they battle the Shadow Monster from Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder

Iconic Marvel characters and action

The 159-piece set includes Thor, Mighty Thor and Gur minifigures. The buildable Shadow Monster has jointed arms and claws.

Attack on New Asgard

Position and pose the monster

Jointed, movable arms and claws maximize movement.

Swing the giant Stormbreaker

Thor carries Marvel’s most powerful axe.

Wield the impressive Mjölnir

Mighty Thor grips her powerful hammer.

Developmental fun for kids

As kids build and play with this hands-on set, they boost their construction skills, imaginations and emotional intelligence.

Great gift for young Superheroes

Versatile set combines with other LEGO® Marvel building toys, such as LEGO Marvel The Goat Boat (76208) – sold separately.
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