• Building a Safe Digital Environment for Kids 

    Creating a digital experience that is safe and makes all children feel welcome is important to us. That’s why the LEGO Life app was designed with those guiding principles. Here are just some of the ways LEGO Life helps support your kids online and gives them a completely safe environment in which to explore and express themselves: 

All Kids Anonymous 

Kids can choose from a list of silly, pre-approved, auto-generated usernames and create their own LEGO avatar, so they remain anonymous and no personal information is shared. 

All Kids Safe 

Our moderation team makes sure that only appropriate images and information are posted so the app stays a friendly, positive place. 

All Kids Supported

Our mascot Captain Safety helps kids learn on the go with tips and tricks on being responsible digital citizens. All members are introduced to how they should behave in the app through the Safety Pledge and are provided periodic reminders as they continue to explore LEGO Life. 

All Kids Welcome

We want to embrace and celebrate all kids in our experiences, and we encourage them through special creative challenges and stickers to celebrate and express what makes them unique. 

All Kids Learning

We help kids on their journey to build healthy relationships online. Fun exercises encourage them to be aware of their and others’ feelings and develop empathy.