LEGO® Microgame

LEGO® Microgame

Make and share your first game

Ever wanted to build your own LEGO® 3D video game? In partnership with Unity, to celebrate 25 years of LEGO Games we bring System in Play and LEGO minifigures into the Unity Editor for the very first time.

Feet sore from stepping on LEGO® bricks?

Then it’s time to build your first interactive LEGO 3D game with virtual bricks, minifigures, evil gnomes and more. Available from Unity, the LEGO Microgame includes all the digital bricks and instructions you need to create a playable and shareable game.

Build an exciting obstacle course, make your LEGO® minifigure run, jump, and somersault to victory. Then invite your friends and family to join the fun!

Start creating your personal LEGO Microgame today. Available for LEGO fans 18 years & older.