25 Years of LEGO® Games
If you are unable to hear the podcasts due to hearing challenges, fear not! We have sampled summaries of each episode for you.
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Episode 29 - Junkbot: The Lovable LEGO Garbage Game
Episode 30 - The Legacy of LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed
Episode 31 - Prototype, Playtest, Repeat: Inside Light Brick Studio
Episode 32 – The Life (and Legacy) of George
Episode 33 - Nexo Knights and the Big Bang Theory
Episode 34 - Holy Game Development, LEGO Batman
Episode 35 - Return of the LEGO Star Wars™ Battles
Episode 36 - DUPLO World, Create & Cruise, and LEGO Games for Pre-K
Episode 37 - The Surreal History of the LEGO Galidor TV Show, Game Console, and Action Figures