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LEGO® Haunted House | LEGO Creator Expert |

LEGO® Haunted House

‘Manor von Barron’ is the spookiest Haunted House theme park ride in the LEGO® Creator Expert Fairground Collection. Ideal ONLY for those who aren’t afraid of things that go bump in the night, it’s packed with playful features, stolen relics… and a very ancient curse. Build if you dare!

Samuel von Barron

Manor von Barron was once the home of Samuel von Barron, one of the world’s greatest villains. He travelled the globe in search of ancient artefacts to steal for his own private collection. But, after snatching the Re-Gou Ruby from the tomb of Pharaoh Hotep, Von Barron met his fate – and the Pharaoh cursed Manor von Barron for a thousand generations!

Though Samuel may be gone, the von Barron curse still haunts the house to this very day.
  • The Portrait of Samuel von Barron

    A portrait, at first glance, but also the source of the Manor von Barron curse! Von Barron commissioned the portrait shortly after securing his greatest possession: the Re-Gou Ruby. But, as the portrait was finished, a strange glow started emanating from the ruby – trapping von Barron within the mummy’s curse, doomed to listen to Pharaoh Hotep’s terrible jokes until he was slowly driven mad.

    The portrait still glows mysteriously today, generations later.
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The Madman’s Elevator

After being driven mad by Pharaoh Hotep’s terrible jokes, von Barron began the construction of the elevator. Having lost his mind with the mummy’s curse, von Barron ordered that the elevator would lead… to nowhere. When asked about the elevator, he would simply reply “It has its ups and downs”, before exploding into fits of manic laughter.