How to build a dinosaur birthday party

How to build a dinosaur birthday party

Curious young explorers make fantastic archeologists. And what could be a bigger find for a junior scientist than dinosaur fossils! Fossils are almost like a time machine that can transport you back to our planet’s ancient past. Now, that’s a turbo imagination catalyst for any preschooler.

Little explorers

What if you let your birthday child and guests make up a whole story around this theme? Here are a few ideas to help them start their own story:

- Hide DUPLO® bricks (fossils) around the room or house, and let your team of archeologists search for and collect a certain amount of bricks each. You can let them make toilet paper roll-binoculars and/or magnifying glasses, and give them a box each for keeping their finds safely stored.

- Once the guests have collected all their fossils, it’s back to the lab! Now they can reconstruct their dinosaurs: how big is their dinosaur? Did they find a complete, small dinosaur each, or did all the bricks belong to one giant dinosaur they can build together? Did the dinosaurs have babies or eggs? Did they live in houses or nests? What did they look like? What did they eat?

- What if the excavation site (or the lab) then turns into an imaginary time machine that brings everyone back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the land? That would give your time travelers a chance to get a taste of your typical dinosaur diet: twigs and branches with sulfuric swamp dip. (Veggies and dip!)

- How will they get back to present day? Can they build a time machine and get back in time for their parents to pick them up?

Who knows how many new species will be discovered on a day like this…

Download your free dinosaur birthday party kit here for more inspiration - and have an adventurous birthday!