How we turned a LEGO Store into a florist

How we turned into a LEGO Store into a florist

It was a normal week of work at the LEGO Group’s London office. Meetings, calls, coffee breaks, building flowers, lunch breaks, building more flowers... 

We know what you’re thinking. That doesn’t sound too normal. But no week is ever normal at the LEGO office.  

There’s always something going on. On this occasion, preparations were in full bloom for something big. Something fresh. 

For a limited time only, our Battersea Power Station store was transformed into a LEGO florist. Or as we named it ‘Le Florist’.  

Yes, you heard right – happy shoppers in London were surprised to see the LEGO store like they’d never seen it before.  

After a fresh, floral makeover, it was time to Gift The Unexpected at our first ever LEGO florist. 

Flower power at work

Amy Pearson, Director of Retail Experience & Marketing in WE & REEMEA says, “We wanted to do something different in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. Something fun. When we were pitched the idea of a LEGO Florist, we loved it. We talked about how we could make it work, what store it could be. Then we got into the weeds to make it happen.” 

But they couldn’t have done it without some assistance. 

“We had 220 sets that needed to be built to bring this store to life, so it was a real collaborative effort. We called on LEGO employees to help.” 

And they didn’t just help. They went above and beyond. 

“People who had been sitting in meetings took an hour out of their day to build. Some team members enjoyed putting flowers together in their lunch break. Many even took the boxes home to build with their families.” 

“We had a deadline and a short space of time. It’s not a chore for our teams here; they love to take part,” continues Amy. 

In the end, all 220 sets got built in time and the florist pop-up store opened from 3rd – 4th February 2024.

Keep It Fresh

The shop front at Battersea Power Station in full bloom

When choosing a London store, it was an easy decision for the team.  

Amy Pearson says; “We opened our Battersea Power Station store less than a year ago. It’s quite a unique shopping centre. Very cutting-edge but they’ve really tried to keep some of the history and that industrial feel with the exposed brickwork and the steel.” 

“What we wanted to achieve fit well with this venue – it has that high-end, premium feel and because the mall is so wide and open, we had additional space to use, not limited to just the shop front. This execution also needed to be undercover.” 

The flower cart was live at Battersea Power Station from 3rd – 18th February 2024.

The star of the show was the LEGO Bouquet of Roses. Each bouquet contains 12 brick-built roses, plus gypsophila (also known as Baby’s breath).  

“We wanted to show the whole breadth of what LEGO flowers are available.” 

Other flowers on display included the LEGO Flower Bouquet, the LEGO Wildflower Bouquet, LEGO Sunflowers, LEGO Cherry Blossoms and LEGO Lotus Flowers. 

The world loves flowers. They grow in all sorts of varieties, shapes and colours. The LEGO Botanical Collection is the quite same; featuring a range of bouquets, flowers and plants to display at home. 

Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing

Made in Chelsea stars and newlyweds Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing came along to help. 

“They were the perfect couple for it and interacted so well with customers on the day,” continues Amy. 

A perfect, unexpected gift

“Real flowers are great, I love having them, but they only last a certain amount of time. With the LEGO Botanical Collection, you can have them on display forever. They’re just a very versatile gift option, whatever the occasion.” 

Bringing people together to make this happen was memorable for Amy.  

“These are the standout moments at work when you've been able to deliver something that both shoppers and internal team members love, and they remember. These are those moments of magic that make the job truly brilliant.” 

Discover the LEGO Botanical Collection in-store or online at 

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