• Red roses too...

    My horse is blue!

    Rebuild the world and use all colors. Pink sky? We love it.

  • I see princess knights

    up for a fight

    Watch out, world: this princess means business

  • We’ll make art with dots

    on every door

    And every roof and road and cloud. Dot. All. The. Things.

  • Instead of walls

    we'll have dancefloors

    Our motto is “dance along to get along.” Even the T-Rex gets it.

What is

  • It’s a way to play.

    Build the things you love – with or without instructions. LEGO® bricks are endlessly compatible with a child’s imagination.

  • It’s a way to think.

    LEGO play helps kids develop a creative mindset as they experiment, break the rules, fail and try again.

  • It’s a way to guide a brand.

    We’re constantly reimagining ways to have a positive impact on kids, the planet and play.

  • It’s a way to view the world.

    With a little optimistic creativity, we can all build towards a better version of the world.

It’s an invitation.

Where adults see challenges, kids see opportunities. Imagine what we could do if we all saw the world through a child’s eyes!