ABC: The building blocks of language

ABC: The building blocks of language

Is your preschooler starting to show interest in learning about the alphabet?

Children learn naturally through play. They absorb and process all new information about this new world they’ve arrived in with all their senses. That’s how they relate to new concepts and make them tangible.

Shape the Letters

Letters and their sounds are the building blocks of your native language. When kids start to learn about these intriguing symbols, they’re instinctively curious to know what these sounds look, feel, smell or taste like. (If you’re one of the grown-ups who adamantly insisted that one of the letters in your alphabet soup tasted better than all the others when you were a child, raise your hand.)

You can find lots of ways to stimulate your child’s interest. Use what they already love to do to help them recognize and make letters and sounds.
If they love to help out in the kitchen, you can make bread rolls or pancakes – and help them shape the dough, batter or decoration to spell their name. Maybe H tastes like chocolate?
If they love to sing, they can listen for different letters and sounds in their favorite songs
If they love to play outside, you can help them shape letters with sticks, rocks or flowers
If they love to paint or draw, they can draw a penguin for "P"
If they love construction toys, they can build their own letters with robot parts, building blocks or furniture from the dollhouse. 

One of our designers built these examples of letters you can make with DUPLO bricks. You can download the free alphabet poster for your child’s room and use it as inspiration. But just wait and see – secret letters and sounds are hiding everywhere in your world. You just have to keep your eyes and ears open to find them.