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Build your way to better business – a powerful tool designed to enhance innovation and business performance. Transform insight and awareness into commitment and shared goals.

The Methodology

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is an innovative process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. Based on research which shows that this kind of hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities, the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue – for everyone in the organization. It is an innovative, experimental process designed to enhance innovation and business performance.

The Essence

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology is a facilitated meeting, communication and problem-solving process in which participants are led through a series of questions, probing deeper and deeper into the subject. Each participant builds his or her own 3D LEGO model in response to the facilitator’s questions using specially selected LEGO elements. These 3D models serve as a basis for group discussion, knowledge sharing, problem solving and decision making.

It is a technique which improves group problem solving. By utilizing visual, auditory and kinesthetic skills, the methodology requires participants to learn and listen, and it provides all participants with a voice. The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology serves as a shared language regardless of culture or position and requires a trained LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator.

Gaining Confidence and Committing to a Shared Goal

During the facilitated meeting, you will be building landscape models with LEGO elements, giving them meaning through story-making and playing out various possible scenarios – a process which deepens understanding, sharpens insight and socially ‘bonds’ together the group as it ‘plays’ together. The methodology will guide you into a free and honest exchange of opinion. The physical and tangible construction allows you to have conversations which flow without the fear of hurting anyone’s feelings.

A Tool for Building Results

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology is based on the belief that everyone can contribute to the discussion, the decisions and the outcome.

The LEGO elements work as a catalyst – and when used for building metaphors, they trigger processes that you were probably previously unaware of.

Workshop participants leave with skills to communicate more effectively, to engage their imagination more readily and to approach their work with increased confidence, commitment and insight.