5 robots. 1 set. Endless play possibilities.

These personality-packed robots will keep your kids engaged and inspired for hundreds of hours on end! Plus, they’re smart enough to expand the entertainment whenever kids feel like sharing the play with friends or – (if you’re lucky) – parents.


Assemble 1 of the 5 core robots using our interactive digital building instructions


Coding newbie or expert? We have coding languages to match any level


With 50+ helpful coding activities, you’ll soon have our robots doing anything!


Get a quick intro to why the Robot Inventor is so special!

The fun never stops. It only advances…

From the get-go, kids can explore the robots’ endless functions using easy drag-and-drop codes and fun training guides, advancing to harder code and builds as their skills grow. Because as they gain proficiency in coding, they’ll gain confidence in creativity.


Here’s a run-down of the 5 unique characters who are sure to teach, challenge and thrill your kids!


Made by Fans, For Fans

Discover some of the coolest robo-innovations dreamt up by the geniuses in our MINDSTORMS Community! The MINDSTORMS app lets our most dedicated fans share their unique designs, allowing others to recreate their ideas.


We put MINDSTORMS into the hands of creative kids who know a tortoise in need of a pal.


Can robots make art? That’s the MINDSTORMS challenge these kids set themselves (and their bots)!

All in the App

Come for the building instructions, stay for the 50+ coding training challenges… stay longer for the community builds! There’s also Help & Support to solve all your kids’ problems AND, as a bonus, everyone gets the same app experience across all devices (and 24 languages)!
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Let’s Get Technical

Want to know how our sensors sense, our motors motor, our speaker speaks and all our other parts work? Check out our in-depth guide to all the awesome tech that goes into our Robot Inventor!

Make it your own, with STEM

There’s no ‘right’ way to play with MINDSTORMS. Instead, kids gain confidence through play, honing crucial STEM skills along the way. Armed with the know-how, kids will craft robots that are truly unique to them.