LEGO® Life takes your child’s digital well-being seriously

The LEGO® Safety Pledge

Be safe. Be cool. Respect others. Have fun. We introduce the LEGO® Safety Pledge and ask kids to sign it before they start using the LEGO Life app. This helps us safeguard our community of responsible and safe digital citizens.

Share with care

Positive safety messages remind kids not to overshare personal information or upload images to the LEGO® Life app that could cause offense to others. Uploads are moderated to ensure content is appropriate.

Be kind and positive

Built-in features keep the LEGO® Life app fun and friendly. Everything is moderated, only respectful comments are allowed, and happy LEGO emoticons make it easy for kids to be positive.

Friending safety

Kids can safely friend each other on the LEGO® Life app. To ensure your child’s safety, LEGO® minifigure avatars and app-generated usernames keep every user totally anonymous, and no personal-identifying information or pictures can be shared.

Easy for kids to report

It’s easy for kids to report a post they don’t think is okay. They just click on the three dots below the post, select why they are reporting it, then click send. The LEGO® moderator notifies you of their report, checks it out and corrects it.