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LEGO®88009Powered UPPowered UP


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Använd LEGO® Powered Up 88009 Hubb för att driva och kontrollera Powered Up sensorer och motorer.
  • Det här robotleksakstillbehöret innehåller en hubb med 2 input/output-portar, anslutningskabel och anslutningspunkt för LEGO® Powered Up enheter.
  • Anslut via Bluetooth® från LEGO® Powered Up appen.
  • Produkten kräver batterier (ingår ej). Se förpackningen för information om typ och antal.
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TotalbetygAverage rating2.4out of 5 stars
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LekupplevelseAverage rating2.8out of 5 stars
SvårighetsgradAverage rating2.8out of 5 stars
Valuta för pengarnaAverage rating2.2out of 5 stars
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  • November 26th, 2020
    Average rating2out of 5 stars
    Poor Design
    | 35-44
    Köpt för: Self
    Main problem is it requires you to unscrew two tiny screws and then wrestle with 6 tiny batteries. You might want to buy a new charger if yours charges 4 at a time. I fixed mine by replacing the batteries with a 9v li-ion battery with a micro-usb charging socket on the side. Then cut a small hole in the side of the battery box casing so you can directly charge it without unscrewing anything (see pictures).
    LekupplevelseAverage rating2out of 5 stars
    Valuta för pengarnaAverage rating2out of 5 stars
    Byggupplevelse: Advanced LEGO builder
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  • October 18th, 2020
    Average rating1out of 5 stars
    Köpt för: Son
    Some design improvements necessary. Lego - with soooo much experience and user knowledge at your disposal why not create something sooo much better? The Power Hub could be usb rechargeable like every other electrical product in the world, instead of needing 10 lithium batteries for this and the remote. Also, it's really annoying having to find the mini screwdriver every time to take this apart - why not just have a click-in lid to the battery compartment? I don't want to buy a cheap knock-off that does the job better. I love your products and don't want to go that way. Please don't become just another brainless money-making company - remember your customers!
    LekupplevelseAverage rating2out of 5 stars
    Valuta för pengarnaAverage rating1out of 5 stars
    Byggupplevelse: Intermediate LEGO builder
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  • March 29th, 2020
    Average rating1out of 5 stars
    Limited options, shameful battery life
    | 45-54
    Köpt för: Self
    Where to start? To access the battery chamber you have to unscrew two small screws. This worries me because you have to put in fresh batteries like every few hours. The appetite this hub has for batteries is enough to make this simply unusable. Don't make the mistake of using any non-recharchable batteries even if you're excited to put things in action for the very first time. You're giving those batteries an hour-long death sentence.) At any rate, those screws are going to wear out, never mind they're inconvenient. It's LEGO! It should secure shut with studs or snaps! Especially considering how frequently you'll have to change batteries! Next up is the huge limitation that you only get two accessories. No more daisy-chaining to bedazzle your project with lights. I'm building a train and if it uses the older PF which they're trying to phase out, I can have two motors and several lights off of one battery box AND I won't have to change the batteries in an hour. With the new Powered UP components, I have to choose between two motors OR a motor and one light. I can't even daisy-chain more lights to light up the trailing cars! Lastly we have the controls. If you're using one of the linear motors (rather than the train motor), and you have the remote control unit, you get binary output from the motor (it's either on or it's off) with no modulation (no regulating the speed). Also, you have to sit there and hold the button down, the moment you lift your finger the motor will stop. So it sucks for trains. You can get more fine control if you download the app to use, but be prepared to spend quite a long time just trying to figure out how to do the most basic things in the app with little success. There's no documentation and very little guidance on the Internet to help you utilize the software. I'm an IT Engineer with programming experience, I figure software out for a living, and this one is a challenge! The programming itself is simple enough, but the UI around the actual programming is as clear as mud. If you try the "controller" option which should simply just simulate a controller, well one of the two choices won't actually do anything so even that wasn't 100% "plug and play" (I had the misfortune of trying the one that won't do anything first). Even the cords seem like a poor choice, carrying on from the ribbon cables of the PF world but seemingly even more rigid this time. So if you're building a project with any articulation, the PU component cables are REALLY working against you. By being flat ribbon cables they'll only flex in one plane, and they're rigid enough that they're more likely to move your project's joints than your joints are likely to move them. They pose a significant engineering challenge (and restriction) for my train. The one positive (and reason I tried the new components) is not needing the IR module (which means I don't have to figure out how to build it into my project, plus it means fewer cords). But despite that huge gain, I'm at a loss to compensate for all of the other shortcomings. The battery life is really the big one. Even if I use rechargables, having to change them so frequently (basically every time you want to run your devices) is just not going to cut it. Well oh and I want two motors plus lights. Can't have it with Powered Up, can have it with Power Functions. Why is that, LEGO? Why have you added that limitation? At any rate, I'm pretty dissatisfied with their design choices and their execution of the new PU components and pretty sure I'll be returning everything and going back to PF (while I still can).
    LekupplevelseAverage rating1out of 5 stars
    SvårighetsgradAverage rating5out of 5 stars
    Valuta för pengarnaAverage rating1out of 5 stars
    Byggtid: 10 min.
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  • May 10th, 2019
    Average rating4out of 5 stars
    Fair but expensive replacement to the PF battery
    | 45-54
    Jag skulle rekommendera produkten till en vän!
    I got this along with the new train motor (88011) to replace my Holiday and Harry Potter train's setup. So far I'm happy with the setup. On the plus side, the receiver is already built in so it gets rid of the IR receiver for a cleaner look, and remote in favor of the Powered Up phone app. Does not require line of sight to control but you will need a compatible device (phone, tablet,or the new Lego bluetooth remote) which needs to be on all the time to control. It has 2 ports but only port "A" can be used for the motor by the "train" app (port "B" can be controlled using the "Batman" app but can be weird -- download or review the Powered Up app to better understand what these mean). I use the "B" port with the color/distance sensor (88007) to experiment on some coding controls. Controls are responsive so far, but the app in its initial development stage is too basic. The app can control up to 4 of these hubs. On the minus side, this hub is limited in use to creations that don't use too much controls (like trains). You cannot daisy chain components like how the old motors and lights did -- you cannot control 2 motors simultaneously on a single channel. This "Powered Up" (PU) technology is not compatible with the older "Power Function" (PF) technology. Also, the ports don't have clips and components will easily slip out of this hub when pulled. Battery life seems to be shorter given that it also powers the Bluetooth radio receiver. A big bummer for me though, with the old one (PF) you can leave the train running when you turn off/toss away the remote, but with PU the train stops when the app turns off or moves away from range, so you can't just leave your train running in the background when you step away. This hub is more for the tech oriented kids and adults, but may not appeal to younger kids looking to have a simple motorized out-of-the-box fun with their builds. However, I do like how this reduces the parts needed to control my trains. This seems to have firmware capability so current limitations *may* be addressed in the future with firmware updates.
    LekupplevelseAverage rating4out of 5 stars
    Valuta för pengarnaAverage rating3out of 5 stars
    Byggupplevelse: Expert LEGO builder
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