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Boot-Scooting Country Trolls

Y’all wanna build a honkey-dory country music concert together? Line dance with Trolls minifigures Poppy, Branch and the friendly (or maybe not so friendly?) country Troll Hickory in Lonesome Flats!
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Nobody Parties Like Pop Trolls Party

The perfect LEGO® Trolls gift? Building a zillion sparkly shows with Poppy, the Queen of Pop Trolls and the Trolls World Tour main characters. You’ll want to dance with your kids, cats and other creatures and party every day. We pinky promise.

LEGO® Trolls That Will Rock Your World

Trolls’ hair was made for headbanging, so dig out your studded leather jacket and fire up the volume to A LOT. It’s time to build and play out the ultimate rock concert Armageddon with Barb, Queen of Rock’n’roooolllll…