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Interior Design LEGO® Sets For Adults

Do you love Art? Music? Design? So do we! LEGO® Sets for Adults celebrate icons of art and music like The Beatles and Andy Warhol. These puzzles are a perfect way to relax, problem solve, and add a unique touch of decor to your home or workspace.

Check out these 3 amazing LEGO® Artists

Get inspired by 3 of the World’s Best LEGO Builders

LEGO® Set for Adults

Take your play and pleasure seriously with sets that exercise your mind, passion, and imagination!

Design your own vision of the world

Build the world your way with this impressive 11,695-piece! Place continents and oceans to fit the world as it is, or give the map a personal twist.

Add a burst of color to your surroundings

Our Botanical Collection sets are great for mindfulness through building, and they make for great decoration pieces.

Just you and a blank piece of paper

Before laptops, smartphones and tablets we had typewriters. Go back in time with this old-fashioned typewriter and enjoy a simpler time.

A Zen Build

Use your imagination and patience to build a beautiful LEGO® Bonsai Tree!

LEGO® Flower Bouquet

All the beauty of natural flowers. Now with less hay fever. Create your very own flower arrangement that will stand the test of time.

Building up Zen

Find calm in tradition with our powerfully soothing LEGO® Bonsai Tree building experience. And now, our random fact of the day: this is the greatest number of frogs (yes, frogs) ever used in a LEGO set. Can you spot them?

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