LEGO® Jurassic World

LEGO® Jurassic World: Excavate your dinosaur passion

Share your passion for dinosaurs with the budding paleontologists at home.

Dinosaur passion for the littlest of the pack

No wonder your little hatchlings love dinosaurs so much: they get it from you.

Jurassic Park Generation: Making families go “ooh, aah” since 1993

The love of dinosaurs is more alive than ever, over 30 years after the gates of Jurassic Park lumbered open. It awoke your inner dino-geek, and you passed your passion on to your kids. Next thing you know, you’re raising the next generation of paleontologists. If you’re looking to feed that family flame, we’ve got just the ticket.

All together now: Revive, run, repeat

It’s all fun and games until the raptors break loose

Family vacay just got a whole lot toothier

Quick group selfie in front of the Visitor Center before the carnivores photobomb it

Long necks are so in right now

Nothing beats the Jurassic World classics

Hunt down all our LEGO® Jurassic World sets

Kuva kõik

Dinosauruse fossiilid: T. rexi pealuu

Price46,99 €

Dinosaurusebeebide päästekeskus

Price46,99 €

Giganotosauruse ja Therizinosauruse rünnak

Price154,99 €

Külastuskeskus: T. rexi ja Raptori rünnak

Price149,99 €

Brachiosauruse avastus

Price99,99 €

Triceratopsi uuringud

Price61,99 €

Dinosauruse T. rex põgenemine

Price57,99 €
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