The LEGO® Botanical Collection

Gift the LEGO® Botanical Collection

There’s no better way to express your love, to the people you love, than with some beautiful brick-built blossoms…

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Give like you mean it

Learn some of the many meanings behind flowers...

Create, Decorate, Celebrate

Add a touch of elegance to any home décor.

Lose yourself

Immerse yourself in the build with the help of our White Noise album – an ASMR-inspired playlist specially cultivated for our Botanical Collection.

LEGO® First Dates

Is building flora the perfect activity for a first date? Only one way to find out…
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Price59,99 €
Lisa soovinimekirja


Price59,99 €
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Price64,99 €
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Price59,99 €
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Price114,99 €

The possibilities are endless

All sets in our Botanical Collection can be adjusted in whichever way you decide looks best (you little flower arranger, you...)