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The Ministry of Magic™

Harry Potter™Harry Potter™
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Building Instructions

The bustling hub of the magical world

The first LEGO® set to feature the Ministry of Magic™ – packed with classic scenes, authentic details and iconic characters.

An immersive play experience

Behind the facade of this multistory headquarters are famous rooms where Harry Potter™ fans can enjoy endless adventures.

The Ministry of Magic™

9 iconic minifigures

A classic cast of characters from the Harry Potter™ movies.

A Polyjuice transformation!

Use Polyjuice Potion™ to change how the 3 friends look.

Find the Slytherin™ locket

A daring mission and a close escape from the Dementor™.

An enchanting gift for Harry Potter™ fans

This toy is magically modular, so children can reposition the different sections within the set for even more adventures.
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